SWTOR Scavenging Levelling Guide – Approaches to Get More Credit Score

We are taking a look at the Scavenging gathering skill and ways to level this up and make some credits in the Galactic Trade Network. Again, just like all the gathering crew abilities in SWTOR there are two ways which you can up them.

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Scavenging Levels 1-100

You can get to level 100 fairly easily through the team skills missions and all you will need to do is send out your team members for each pursuit. You will receive in return largely Grade 1 stuff at this time.

Scavenging Levels 100-200

Same plan for amounts 100-200 simply send out your team members on missions. You will observe that the mission prices go up and you will need about 25,000 credits to receive this ability up to 200. The fantastic thing is that the substances you get will be Grade 2 and these will sell for more credits.

Scavenging Levels 200-300

When you are sending out your team members for assignments you will buy swtor credits necessary to complete each assignment is a great deal more than previous levels. You will also need about 50,000 credits if you will level all of the way to 300 using the team skill missions.

Scavenging Levels 300-400

You are nearly there All you need now is 75,000 credits if you want to Level to 400 at this stage. You will also see that the time required to level up this team ability is about 30 mines a mission so it really takes quite a long time.

Scavenging By Gathering – Amounts 75 -175

Now you should head over to Tarsi for up to 125. The only reason you do so is because the nodes appear to be that little bit higher in level and you will find it much easier to level than remaining on the beginning planets.

Scavenging By Gathering – Amounts 175 -250

Next up you need to go over to Tattooing – today again you can turn on The Resource tab on your map but one thing you will notice about this world is that the size of it In short if you wish to assemble nodes for Scavenging then you will need to be certain that you have a speeder.

Scavenging By Gathering – Amounts 250-300

Now to get to 300 you need to go over to Balmorals and items Are not too tricky here just more of the same. You should aim to level up to 300 here and then you are able to finish the past 100 levels. For those who have a speeder then it would not take you very long to level up to 300 on Balmorals.

Scavenging By Gathering – Amounts 300-400

Based on the side you are playing you will need to head over to Corelli or Ileum. These are flat 50 planets and due to the dinosaurs that you find here will be rather tough. Another annoying aspect is they always appear to be around the nodes that you are trying to get too